Study in Wales

More than 100,000 students are availing over 5,600 courses that Wales delivers through its 12 globally renowned universities of the higher education. Among them, universities in Wales boast “4* rated departments”, highest rating one can achieve. Moreover, Welsh Universities maintain international standard in their work and academic staff. Welsh Universities provide wide range of campuses at short distance within areas famous for their notable beauty. According to many surveys, students who study in Universities of Wales enjoy a high quality life as compare to those who study in UK Universities.

Funding and Scholarships in Wales

For international students want to study at Welsh Universities, there are number of scholarships and findings options are present. Scholarships of range between £1,000 & £5,000 are available for wide range of different courses at postgraduate and undergraduate level including engineering, computer science and business.

Living as a student in Wales

Though Wales is small nation than its neighbours of Scotland and England but it has cities that offer much and offer scenic landscapes with much to do. Wales offer much of inspiration to art students by its rivers, hills and mountains and Cardiff type places offer big city exciting thrills. More than 8,000 international citizens call Wales` home every year and get benefits from warm welcome of its huge community.

Apply to Welsh university for study

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