Study in Scotland

Scotland provides 19 higher-education institutions for selection including globally recognized universities like the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, and the University of St Andrews. In the UK, the Scottish universities provide the highest rate of students` satisfaction for the teaching whereas graduates enjoy the highest employment rate or highest opportunity of further study all over the UK. The excellence of Scottish universities is globally recognized due to undertaking intensive research. This means the environment provided to students in Scottish universities is duly shared by the academic trying to push the boundaries into their field. Intensive

research has been carried out in Scottish universities that led to innovations and inventions like the development of the keyhole surgery and MRI scanner. Scotland is at one hour distance from London by air and it takes 90 minutes to Paris. Scotland is a perfect land to explore the best locations across Europe due to its closely located international airports and host the European cities with short flights away. The fantastic pedigree of Scotland in education in combination with its adorable history makes this land a fantastic base for international students to study.

Funding and Scholarships in Scotland

The international students who want to study for postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in Scotland can avail a number of funding and scholarship options.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship Fellowship Plan It allows people of Commonwealth nations to do their study in Scotland. Depends on which of the commonwealth country the student belongs, scholarships are offered to those students who wish to study postgraduate or undergraduate study in Scotland.
  • Chevening Scholarships It is a global scholarship program introduced by the UK government and funds part-time or full-time courses at postgraduate levels in any university and any subject.
  • Fulbright Awards It specializes for those US students who study in Scotland at the postgraduate level.
  • Saltire Scholarships Support the students who belong to China, Canada, the USA, and India and the students who study at Ph.D., postgraduate or undergraduate level for 1-year in Scotland.
  • Royal Society Grants These grants are awarded to those international students who study science programs in Scotland.
  • Tullow Scholarships Support students from South America and Africa who study a postgraduate degree in Scotland.

Tuition fee in Scotland

Tuition fees for international students in Scotland depend on whether they belong to European Union (EU) or the rest part of the world.

  • International students who are not from European Union have to pay full tuition fees for both postgraduate and undergraduate level study. Tuition fees depend upon your selected institution.
  • EU students who want to study at the undergraduate level in Scotland have to pay their tuition fees through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland
  • EU students who want to study at the postgraduate level in Scotland have to pay their tuition fees according to the rates set by each institution.

Living as a student in the Scotland

For international students, Scotland is an incredible place due to its rich historical culture and heritage. Here students can learn more with a wider range of different activities to take the pleasure away from typical study. Seven cities of Scotland- including Dundee, Stirling, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth, and Glasgow- all offer metropolitan traditional life of varying degrees. However, the real beauty of Scotland is hidden in its countryside, scenic landscapes, and mountains. Scotland is also overflowing with castles, museums, striking architectures, and monuments paying honor to a storied and long history. Scotland has many free charges museums and galleries. Whether talking about traditional ceilidh dance or kilt-wearing bagpipe players, you will always have a memorable stay in Scotland

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