Study in England


England is a wonderful place to study due to its rich heritage, quality educational institutes, and fantastic diverse culture. There are some wonderful things to see and do, and it’s very easy to get up and down the country for some great experiences in between study time. You may find that teaching method are different from what you are used to. You will be given a lot of freedom on your course and be encouraged to interact and express your ideas to your peers. Student life in England is varied, from sports and all kinds of social clubs to nights out and trips around the country to see the sights!


The capital and largest city in the UK, London is home to around 9.1 million people. Founded by the Romans in 43 AD, London has a long and interesting history, which you can witness at the many museums in the city. London has been considered one of the world’s most powerful cities for many years, and ranks well in many areas. Located in the city are 40 higher education institutions. These include Imperial College London, City University of London, and Westminster Business School.


With a population of around 545,500, Manchester is the 5th largest UK city. It is a northern city with a strong industrial history. Manchester is known for its culture, architecture, musical talent, and its scientific and engineering output. Manchester Liverpool Road railway was the world’s first inter-city passenger railway station. The city was also the location where scientists first split the atom. There are three universities in Manchester. These are the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Royal Northern College of Music.


Home to around 1.1 million people, Birmingham is the second-most populous city in the UK. It is located in the West Midlands and is considered the cultural, social, financial, and commercial center of the Midlands. Thanks to this, Birmingham is sometimes referred to as the UK’s ‘second city. There are currently 8 higher education institutions in the city, offering traditional degree courses, creative arts courses, and business courses. These include the University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University, and Aston Business School.


Located in West Yorkshire, Leeds is home to around 790,000 people. Founded as a market town, Leeds long served as a center for Yorkshire agriculture and the manufacture of woolen cloth. Outside of London, Leeds has become the UK’s largest legal and financial center. You will find 8 higher education institutions in the city of Leeds. These include the University of Leeds, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds College of Music, and Leeds Beckett University.


Home to just under 500,000 people, Liverpool is located in the North West of England. It has historically served as one of the UK’s biggest shipping centers and continues to be a major port. Liverpool was the port of registry for many famous ships, including the RMS Titanic. There are 5 higher education institutions in the city. These include the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), Liverpool Hope University, the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.


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