Our Services

Our consultancy service is one of the top education advisories in the United Kingdom. With our universal access to an extensive network of universities and schooling in the UK, we are adept at offering guidance to students from all over the world to get selected in top educational institutes. We take pride in our integrity and qualified consultants who are an integral part of our business. We have established strong relationships with School Heads and Senior Authority Figures in the education industry. Thus, we have a credible system of expert advice essential for selecting courses of your interest and top institutes in the United Kingdom. For international students, UK is one of the most sought-after destinations because of its league universities and top-quality education. Universities in the UK welcome students from all corners of the world.

Our services covers:

The services we provide covers all levels from helping international students reach their target IELTS scores, visa application and obtaining a scholarship up to PhD applicants. Our educational sectors representations are for:

  • All type of school application and Boarding Schools
  • English Language Schools
  • IELTS tests and test preparation
  • Foundation and pre-master courses
  • Undergraduate study
  • Postgraduate study

We are providing major services to support your studies in UK

UK University Application Services

Once you’ve made the decision to go forward with studies in UK, we assist you in securing offers from top UK universities through our application services.

Application Support Services

Our Application Support Services are open for all EU and non-EU students. Our professionals guide you throughout the application process by checking your personal statements and pointing out any and all necessary documents and important deadlines.

Our VIP services

We also offer high-quality services for students who want to take the lead and want comprehensive support and assess throughout their educational journey. our VIP services start with the complete advice and guidance, the applications, assist in completing the personal statements, getting a place in the university or the educational institution and any services required during or after the university course.

Medicine Service

We have a dedicated team to deal with applicants who want to apply for medicine, dentistry or veterinary courses (the most challenging institutes to get into). We will guide you every step of the way to ensure your admission.

Student Visa Service

We help you secure a “Tier 4 Student Visa” with our Visa Services. Our team will make sure that your visa is processed and approved on time.

MBA Service

To help students get admission in MBA programs in UK, we offer you writing assessment coaching and interview practices.

PhD Service

We have a specialized team of professionals who guide PhD students. Our consultants offer their guidance throughout your application process, ensuring that your proposals are meticulously drafted and submitted to the relevant supervisor – a critical component for a successful application.

UK Boarding School Service

We have also affiliated and entered into partnerships with Boarding Schools. This will help you in getting a good place at UK for studies.

Translation Service

We offer you an authorized Translation Service that specializes for documents you require for university applications. We translate certificates, reference letters, bank statements, and transcripts to English within 1 week.

Training Courses

We can help businesses, organisation,s or individuals to obtain the most needed training, certifications or courses programmes. To ensure the workforce and individuals can provide the highest performances at the highest quality. We are able to facilitate global solutions in all countries and training groups on a specific subject. We can also facilitate online courses via specially designed and comprehensive systems, live from anywhere. This negates the need for travel and accommodation, a massive saving and no extra cost for the courses.

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