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About Our Institution

We are the UK International Education Council, We are one of the leading consultancy services for education in the United Kingdom. We are enthusiastic about learning and education in general. We provide free, honest, independent and informative advice and guidance to all types and levels of education and training needs, to national and international learners who are interested in studying in the UK. We will take your hand from overseas to study in the UK, until we wave you good by when you finish your amazing educational journey. We also have a great experience and know-how to UK educational system. Prospective student and trainees will get the full benefit of what we provide as we always stay close to our clients through the whole process from submitting your schools, colleges, universities and training application, your English language needs, Visa application, any issues or advice regarding the fees and payments to the education provider.

Our company and its student advisors are certified by the British Council to provide the best educational advice and guidance to UK and international students who are studying or are planning to study in the UK. We have a great relationship with many universities and educational institutions and our application success rate is high. We don’t let our clients apply by themselves, our expert admission department will provide all the help needed to guarantee your seat and will make the application process easier for our clients. We are one of the fastest-growing educational consultancies and are committed to setting the exceptional standards of service. Our Student Advisors work with you every step of the way to find the university that is right for you and will guide you through the entire application process. With our tireless efforts, we help students attain offers from universities such as Medicine, Nursing, Art & Design, Project Management, International Relations, Business & Management, and History.

Whatever degree program you may choose, we help you find a course at the budget of your convenience in the subject you’re interested in with our affiliated colleges and universities. Choosing the right course is a very important decision because it sets foundation for your future path. This is why our aim is to make you ready for your career and help you choose the right program to study and develop your career path, including internship and work placement offers. Whether you are looking to study Undergraduate, Post graduate, Research courses, or MBA abroad and/or want to gain further higher education qualification including Computing science, Bio Technology, Networking, Robotics, Fashion Design, Motor Sport, International Business, Hotel Management and a range of other specializations, we can assist you as per your requirement. We perform according to the regulatory conditions and comply with official visa policies in both abroad and India.

UK International Education Council offers simple, fast, and effective visa counseling and our students have been highly successful in getting visa approvals. We have working relationships with immigration consultants in the UK to offer further advice on immigration and visa extensions We are a professionally trained and certified education consultant, member of regulatory body and agent associations. We work with genuine education providers; possess local knowledge and industry specialization. Career planning, follow-up services for your student life-time, maintain 100% honesty and take ‘total care’ of you.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • Provide students with trusted advice and guidance on educational, academic, and training courses relevant to their needs.
  • Be completely informed about our affiliated and partner institutes in order to help students choose the best place to study.
  • Assist students with their VISA applications, and providing them clear guidance about legal restrictions applicable to them.
  • Helping students make the transition from home to international countries to pursue education.


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