Applying to UK University

UK university application process

Applying to UK universities with BRITISH EDUCATION CONSULTANTS is fast and simple. We can help you choose from thousands of courses and hundreds of universities, colleges, and language schools located all over the UK with our free university application support.

How it works?

  1. First consultation

The members of our expert panel will provide their expertise regarding the detail explanation of applying process to UK universities. These consultants will discuss with you your career and study goals

  1. Generate your application

Your consultant will thoroughly review your CV, application forms, reference letters, and personal statement before submitting them to 3 universities.

  1. Obtain your university`s offer

Once you receive unconditional or conditional offers from your universities, we will guide you to choose best.

  1. Decide where you have to study

Based on your educational background, your consultant would suggest you 3 universities where you can secure offers.

  1. Test your current English level

Our experienced staff will assess your English level through IELTS practice test. By reviewing your results, we will advice you how to reach to your targeted IELTS score.

  1. Secure your UK visa

Our Student Visa Service will help you in securing Tier-4 student visa require for studying in UK.

Apply to complete study in UK

Students who are interested to know more about how to study in the UK should immediately arrange a free consultation in London. Whenever you are deciding to visit BRITISH EDUCATION CONSULTANTS to avail of free consultation, bring all documents with you according to the given below checklist so that we can assure most of your appointments to you.

Supporting documents

  • Reference letters
  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • English proficiency certificates such as IELTS, PTE test, TOEFL or others
  • Graduation certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • Copy of visa or passport (if available)

Other Additional documents include:


  • Graduation or bachelor’s degree certificate


  • Research proposal
  • Certificate of Masters or graduation degree

The previous UK studying History

  • Previous visas (Biometric card and Visa stamp)
  • Confirmation of the enrolment
  • Previous CAS letters

Personal Statement

Students are required to provide personal statements whenever going to apply to UK universities. In a personal statement, students have to write about their purpose of applying, what they have decided to do during the course and what they have decided to do on completion of the course.

Reference Letters

Usually, reference letters are written by those persons who know you professionally or academically. Mostly it is provided by your supervisor or teachers in which they talk about the way of your interaction with your colleagues or other students and discuss your performance during seminars and classes. Your reference should not be academic, however, if you are a student or have currently completed college or school then academic references are expected. It is very crucial for you to choose the right referee for application to universities. Following things should be considered in reference letters:

  • Choose right referee
  • Explain your relationship with the referee
  • Print letter on university or company official letterhead
  • Get the signature of your referee
  • Expose your confidence regarding the completion of selected courses


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